Classic Collectibles Direct was originally a company out of Chattanooga, Tennessee that sold plush toys and sports memorabilia direct to the consumer:

Classic Collectibles DIRECT is the television version of our catalog and wholesale business to dealers, TV stations and collectors across the United States. We choose selected product and packages of collectibles from our huge inventory of plush toys, sports cards/memorabilia and provide customers with tremendous bargains. We’ve bought items by the truckload and can offer product at prices you’ve never seen before. 

That was fine in 2001, when this site first went online, but plush toys, specifically Beanie Babies, are rather undercollected today.  Some of them still sell, and the rare ones still sell for a lot of money…to a handful of buyers.  The market is now a niche one, and isn’t really what it was fifteen or twenty years ago.

A few years later, the site slowly evolved from one that sold Beanie Babies to one that sold Beanie Babies and rare U.S. coins.  Eventually, the plus toys were phased out altogether, as the market has softened considerably.

The market for other collectibles remains strong, however, which is why our focus is now on U.S. coins and collectible wristwatches.  Watches and coins go hand in hand, as both involve precious metals, both are solid collectibles with a large collector base, and both have lots of interesting stories.

We no longer sell directly from the site; we’re largely here to write interesting articles about things in the watch and coin industry that we find to be interesting.  We do have links, however to listings elsewhere where you can purchase rare coins and watches.

We hope you enjoy our refurbished site.

The Classic Collectibles Direct Team